Would You Let Your Surgeon Snapchat Your Procedure?

This may sound like a strange question to ask.  As a matter of fact, I never knew that such a thing existed until a few weeks ago.  People are actually allowing their doctors to Snapchat their surgeries.  I don’t know if this is common in any other specialty, but it is quite common when it comes to plastic surgery.

There are videos from many different plastic surgeons showing breast implant surgeries, butt lifts, liposuction and more.  Of course, these doctors have the permission of their patients to broadcast these procedures.  Some of these videos can be very animated, and in my opinion, over the top; however, the patients don’t seem to mind.

It surprises me that so many patients consent to having their surgeries broadcast on Snapchat for thousands of people to see.  Maybe it gives them assurance that the doctor will perform his or her best work.  They know that many of these doctors use Snapchat as a way to market themselves, so there is no way that they are going to do anything to damage their image.

I don’t see myself getting any of these procedures done, but if I did, I would not feel comfortable with it being broadcast on social media.  It seems that there is no privacy in people’s lives these day.  I don’t want videos of a surgeon sawing away at my muscle and tissue and then sewing me up circulating on social media.  Some of these videos are more animated.  Some doctors add music, costumes and dance.  Could you imagine your surgeon and their staff dancing next to your unconscious body?  While this may seem strange, there is definitely an audience for it.

What is your opinion on this topic?  Would you consent to your surgery being put on Snapchat?  Do you feel that this is a good or bad thing?  I would love to hear your opinions.

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