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I’ve noticed a lot of people selling wholesale fashion vendors lists lately. These lists can cost anywhere between $10 and $100, and the advertiser promises to send you access to wholesale vendors for clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, hair & more after you send them payment.

I came across a lady this morning who had been scammed by a wholesale vendor list seller, which prompted me to write this post. She paid for what was advertised as a vendor list & got links to sites like Ali Express. When she filed a complaint with the seller she was blocked. The lady who sold the list to her even made a FB post saying that people should ask more questions before buying from her. She became really upset and started using curse words.

Of course, I’m not saying that every person who sells a list is a scammer, but you have to be careful. Here are a few tips to follow when looking for wholesale vendors:

  • True wholesale vendors require a retail license. They won’t allow you to purchase from them without it. Usually you can’t even see their prices until you register on their site and submit the required documentation. Some only require a copy or your retail license while others require more. If a retail license is not required, they’re probably a middleman who buys from a real wholesale supplier & marks the prices up.
  • Google is very useful when looking for wholesale vendors. You have to be careful and do your research. Always check a company’s reviews. Pay attention to where they’re located, (US or overseas).
  • If you are thinking about purchasing a list, ask questions. Make sure you get all the information you need to feel comfortable about making the purchase. Ask if this is an actual list of real wholesale suppliers and what country they are located in.
  • Ali Express is not a wholesale supplier. It’s more like a Chinese marketplace. You don’t need to pay anybody to get access to Ali Express. Be careful if you do decide to purchase from Ali Express. Lots of vendors are selling the same products, but the quality is not always the same. There’s a good chance that what you get may not look like what is advertised. Chinese sizes are usually smaller than US sizes, and you’ll more than likely encounter long shipping times. Check out the ratings for any sellers you’re considering doing business with.
  • Find out if the seller has a store or website of their own. They can’t vouch for the quality of the products they’re marketing or how well they sell if they’re not selling them themelves. Ask for the link to their website and if you can place a sample order before investing in the list. It’s not good enough for someone to just send you pictures of items and expect you to send them money for so-called access to products that they haven’t accessed themselves.

Here are a few resources that I use for finding reputable wholesale vendors:

I cam across a great video by Jance Charte. Her YouTube channel is I am not personally affiliated with her in any way, but find the content that she shares extremely helpful.


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