A Girls Guide: Dressing for Your Body Type

In a generation where women’s fashion keeps changing by the day, you want to be sure that a particular new trend will suit your body type before trying it out. The good thing about body type is some are achievable by working out, and others only need to be maintained. The list below contains the various body types, the clothing style that complement each best.

Apple Shape

The apple shape is a body type known as the inverted triangle. The apple shape describes a person with broad shoulders, a bigger bust, and narrow hips. The apple shape body type has more of their body weight around the upper part and are not so curvy around the hips.

  • Dresses: Gowns with A-line or continuous pattern looks sexy on an apple shaped body type.
  • Tops: Wear tops that will draw attention to your bust. Tops with V-neck and plunging necklines are perfect.
  • Bottoms: Flared bottoms, like palazzos and flared jean, balance out this body type.

Pear Shape

People who have pear shaped bodies are sometimes referred to as having a triangle shape. A typical pear-shaped body has a full waist and smaller bust. Pear shaped women typically have fuller hips, narrow shoulders and a fuller backside. A person with a pear shaped body type has more of their weight below the waist.

  • Dresses: Wear A-line dresses or dresses with a tulip skirt to enhance your curves.
  • Tops: Tops with adornment near the neck create elongated shoulders and draw attention from your lower body to your upper body.
  • Bottoms: Wear bottoms that are straight legged or flared. E.g., boyfriend jeans and boot cut look great on this body type.

 Curvy Shape

This body shape has gotten a lot of attention recently – thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. The curvy shape, also referred to as the hourglass shape, is a body type with curves and a well-defined waist. The bust and hip measurement of an hourglass shape is almost even. The weight of this body type is evenly spread with a full bust, full hips and thick thighs.

  • Dresses: Wrap dresses suit this body type because they accentuate the slim waist and add volume to the bust.
  • Tops: Wear fitted tops in V-necks, sweetheart or scoop necks to emphasize your tiny waist.
  • Bottoms: Wear high waisted jeans and boot cut trousers, skinny jeans are okay – but wear with caution.


Athletic Shape

The athletic body type is similar to the hourglass shape but without the defined waistline. This body type is not necessarily curvy. Shoulders and hip measurement are roughly even – with a straight waistline. The weight of this body type is evenly distributed.

  • Dresses: Wear dresses with frills and ruffles to add volume to your bust area.
  • Tops: Consider V-necks, round necks and cross over necks.
  • Bottoms: Skinny jeans are best for this body type.

I hope you found this guide helpful, and always remember that you’re sexy and beautiful!

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