Caring for Your Diamond Ring

I’m sure that your diamond jewelry means a lot to you, especially your engagement ring. It is a symbol of love, dedication and commitment between you and your partner. Your engagement ring, along with your other diamond jewelry, looks great on you. Here are tips for keeping your diamond ring sparkling for as long as possible.

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Your ring can be stained by cosmetics like hairspray, perfume and lotion. Here are steps for cleaning your diamond ring at home:

1. Soak your diamond ring in hot water and mild dish detergent.

If you don’t have a specialized gem cleaning solution, you can use hot water and liquid dish soap to clean your ring.
2. Let your ring soak in the solution for about 10-30 minutes.
Submerge your ring in your homemade solution for 10-30 minutes. The time depends on how frequently you clean it. If you clean your ring every week, 10 minutes will suffice.
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3. Brush your ring after soaking it.
The dirt and the grime on your ring will be their softest when your ring has been soaked, making this the best time to wipe them off of the surface. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles, gently brush all the dirt and dust off of the surface of your ring. Brush the stone gently before rinsing it with warm running water.
4. Dry your ring.
You can either let your ring air dry or pat it with a microfiber cloth.
5. Have a jeweler do some maintenance work once in a while.
Your ring needs some professional care after years of usage. It’s a good idea to let a local jeweler check your ring occasionally to see if there are any repairs needed.
For more tips on caring for your diamond engagement ring, check out this article written by Kobelli Jewelry.

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